Madhya Pradesh / 12-year-old Girl Raped and Beheaded by Her Three Brothers and Uncle in Madhya Pradesh

News18 : Mar 20, 2019, 10:35 AM

A 12-year-old girl whose beheaded body was found last week in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh had been raped by her three brothers and uncle, police said on Tuesday. Police said they have arrested two of the accused brothers and the uncle, and they have confessed to the crime. They told the cops that they had gang-raped the minor girl at the uncle’s house and chopped off her head to conceal her identity. 

According to the police, the eldest brother, 22-year-old, did not let the girl go to school and instead took her to their uncle’s house in Banda town of Sagar, where he raped her first.

The two other brohers - aged 17 and 19 – then took turns to allegedly rape the girl. Their 40-year-old uncle also joined in and raped her, police said. The autopsy report has revealed that the accused also engaged in unnatural sex with the victim.

After the rape, when the girl asked her brothers to tell about the incident to her family and police, they beheaded her with a sickle and dumped the body in a farm, the cops said.

According to the police, the eldest brother has confessed that he had also raped her in the past and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. He is still on the run, police said.