India / 14 Lakhs In Coins In A Week, Shirdi Temple Doesn't Know What To Do

NDTV : Jun 18, 2019, 11:02 AM
For the Sai Baba Temple in Maharashtra's Shirdi, considered one of the richest temples in the country, an abundance of donations have now become a problem. The temple trust says it receives Rs. 14 lakh in coins every week and doesn't know what to do with it since banks are refusing to accept them because of lack of space.

Shirdi, an important pilgrimage site in Maharahtra, is dedicated to spiritual leader Sai Baba.

Devotees from across the country and the world visit this temple throughout the year, with many dropping coins in the donation boxes at the temple.

Deepak Muglikar, CEO of the Shri Saibaba Sansthani Trust told NDTV, "We count our donations twice a week and we receive around 2 crore each time. Around 7 lakh each time is in the form of coins and banks have refused to accept this entire amount."

The Shirdi temple trust gets over 14 lakh in coins for donations.

Mr Muglikar added that the trust has even offered to provide banks with space to store the coin.

The temple trust has accounts in eight different banks. According to the trust, all of these banks have cited lack of space for refusing coins as deposits. The trust is now appealing to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for a solution to the problem.

Sources have said coins worth Rs. 1.5 crore, collected from the temple trust, are lying in the form of deposits in banks.