Special / 23 year old boy fell in love with 60 year old hit couple on Tiktok told their love story viral

Zoom News : Jun 11, 2021, 01:20 PM
Special | It is said that love is blind, it neither sees age nor color. Sometimes shocking examples of this are also seen. One such couple is in discussion these days in which the woman is 37 years older than her partner. The love story of 23-year-old Tiktok user @ttvleolove_3 and his 60-year-old girlfriend is getting a lot of buzz. Since coming together, both have been making many videos on Tiktok. In this, they are seen kissing each other and dancing.

people make fun of the couple

People are trolling the young man a lot on social media due to making a woman more than twice his age as a girlfriend. At the same time, people are also taunting the woman a lot. Many people are calling the woman shameless, while many are making fun of the wrinkles on her face. Many people are commenting that for sure this woman will be rich, otherwise why would a 23-year-old boy date her, while many people are telling the means of this publicity.

The couple replied to the trollers

Responding to people's questions in a video session, the couple said that our families have no problem with this relationship. The young man told that even the children of a woman older than him have no problem with this relationship, but they are very happy. This couple is facing the trolling of the people and is answering in their own style. In another Tiktok video, the young man was seen throwing a broom and a cup towards the camera. In its caption, the young man wrote while protecting his girlfriend from unnecessary comments.