Business / Air India to Not Accept Passengers with Cancelled Tickets of Jet Airways

News18 : Mar 02, 2019, 10:42 AM
As Jet Airways continue to face severe financial problems, Air India said on Friday it would not accept any passengers that have got cancelled tickets of the former airline. When an airline cancels a flight due to some exigencies, other airlines accommodate the former's passengers in their flights. The airline, which has got its flight cancelled, has to pay other airlines for passengers accommodated.

"With immediate effect and till further notice, Jet Airways (India) Limited and Jet Lite Limited documents (including FIM and endorsed/involuntary rerouted/rebooked/exchanged/reissued) are not to be accepted for travel on Air India flights," said an order of Air India dated March 1. FIM stands for Flight Interruption Manifest.

Around 15 aircraft of Jet Airways have been grounded by the lessors due to non-payment.

Jet is trying to raise funds for its operations as it has a debt of around Rs 8,200 crore currently.

Moreover, its pilots have been threatening action as there have been delays in salary payment.