Business / Anand Mahindra kicks off new Bibi milestone challenge. The reactions are priceless

India Today : Feb 05, 2019, 04:26 PM
Anand Mahindra may be known all over the world as the Chairman of Mahindra Group, but take one look at his Twitter account and you would know that he also has an impeccable comic timing. He often takes to social media to post funny tweets and even share funny images which often go viral. Once again taking to Twitter recently, he shared a picture of a milestone with "Bibi 2 K.M." written on it.

He even had a gift for the person who would win the competition - two toy Diecast Mahindra vehicle models.

He tweeted the image saying,"This pic is brimming with potential for a hilarious comment or caption. Haven't had a caption competition for a while. So here goes...The best caption wins two toy Diecast Mahindra vehicle models..From Mahindra Collectibles. I'll accept entries for the next 48 hours!"

And surely Twitter responded. People had the most hilarious captions for the image and we can't help but laugh at the creativity.

While one user wrote, "Objects in the milestones are closer than they appear" another user shared similar images of milestones with funny names on it.