Rajasthan / Ashok gehlot minister shanti dhariwal says ajay maken is taking side of sachin pilot

Zoom News : Sep 26, 2022, 10:14 PM
Rajasthan | The controversy that started in Rajasthan regarding the election of the new Chief Minister is increasing instead of stopping. Ashok Gehlot camp minister Shanti Dhariwal has strongly attacked in-charge Ajay Maken, calling Sachin Pilot a traitor. Responding to the meeting of MLAs held at Dhariwal's house as indiscipline, Dhariwal said that he is in Congress for 50 years, but he has never been accused. Shanti said that Maken was uniting the MLAs in favor of Pilot, who is a traitor.

Shanti Singh Dhariwal said, 'We stayed in hotels for 34 consecutive days. Keep talking to each other. After 34 days, those who were traitors who wanted to topple the government. Those who, while being the state Congress president, had said that the Gehlot government was in a minority, they should resign. Surrendered when an atmosphere was created against such a person. But those people who gathered in Manser and kept trying to topple the government, today the Secretary General in charge has come to make him the Chief Minister. He is accused of talking to the MLAs in a biased manner. He was asking to join the side of Sachin Pilot. We have proof of this. We are the soldiers of Sonia Gandhi, we have obeyed her every command for 50 years. Not once was there an allegation of indiscipline.

In a press conference, Dhariwal said, 'Today when the General Secretary Incharge is campaigning for the pilot, people had to get angry. The MLAs had called me to make their point. If you want to be the Chief Minister, then make those people who stay in the hotel for 34 days to save the government. The MLA here will never tolerate the reward for the traitor.

Shanti Dhariwal has clearly said that he is a soldier of Sonia Gandhi. Targeting Ajay Maken, he said that the observers had come with a proposal to make him the CM. They were trying to negotiate with the MLAs in a partisan manner. We were always the soldiers of Congress and will continue to be so.