Special / Bride started crying seeing groom touched her father's feet with her forehead

Zoom News : Jul 06, 2021, 11:19 AM
Special | Such a tradition of Indian culture is rarely seen anywhere else in the world, where to pay respect to someone, he puts his head on his feet. This tradition is very old and even today people do not forget to take blessings by touching the feet of their elders. Although, people often touch the feet of elder members of their family, but after marriage they also touch feet in the in-laws' house for the respect of elders. One such video is becoming quite viral on the internet.

The groom laid his head at the feet of his father-in-law

In the video going viral on social media, it can be seen that farewell is about to happen and after marriage the bride stands with her father. Just then the groom arrives there and on seeing his father-in-law touches his feet first, but as soon as the bride bends down to touch her father's feet, the groom places his head at the feet of her father-in-law. Seeing this, the bride becomes very emotional and starts crying bitterly.

The video went viral on the internet

This video is being liked a lot on social media. This video has been posted on Instagram on an account named Crazy Komal. So far 1.97 lakh people have liked this video and lakhs of views have come on it. Not only this, netizens are commenting on this in different ways.