World / China woman you jianzia eyelashes breaks her own world record says gifted by buddha

Zoom News : Jun 12, 2021, 09:12 PM
China | In general, human eyelashes are small. But today we are going to tell you about a woman whose eyelashes are bent till her mouth. This woman has broken her own record for the longest eyelashes. We are talking about Yu Jianjia, a woman from China. Yu Jianxia's eyelashes are 8 inches in length. Yu Jianjia, who lives in the City of Changzhou, China, first set the record for the longest eyelashes in 2016.

At that time, the length of his eyelashes was 12.5 cm. But now after five years, the length of her eyelashes has increased to 20.5 cm and thus she has broken her own record. Even the doctors here are surprised to see the condition of Yu Jianxiao's eyelids. Yu Jianxia's eyelids have now moved down from her cheeks to her mouth. However, for such long eyelashes, Yu Jianxia believes that these eyelashes were gifted to him by Buddha.

This woman has said that 'In the year 2015, I realized for the first time that my eyelashes are getting bigger. Gradually it grew longer and longer. I also went to the doctors and I asked them why are my eyelashes bigger than normal ones? But even the doctors failed to tell anything about it.

I then looked at the scientific reasons for the growth of my eyelashes. While tracing the genetic factors, I learned that no one in my family has ever had such long eyelashes. So I don't even know the reason behind the growth of eyelashes. Yu Jianxia continued, 'I often wondered why my eyelashes are so big? Then I remembered that years ago I had spent more than 480 days in the mountains. That's why I told myself that it must be a gift from Buddha.'

Yu Jianxia believes that long eyelashes make her feel younger and stronger. Yu Jianxia's eyelashes have reached her mouth, but she says it doesn't interfere with her daily activities. Even while doing makeup, she does not have any problem because of the eyelashes. She believes that 'my eyelashes have grown naturally and that's probably why I do not have problems with eyelashes in any of my work.