Arvind Kejriwal News / CM Kejriwal will have to surrender tomorrow, decision will come on June 5

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 01, 2024, 05:51 PM
Arvind Kejriwal News: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will surrender in the liquor scam case. Tomorrow is the last date for his interim bail. At the same time, Delhi's Rouse Avenue Court will give its decision on interim bail on June 5. Today, a hearing was held in Rouse Avenue Court on Arvind Kejriwal's demand for interim bail. CM Kejriwal sought interim bail for 7 days citing poor health and medical test. ED told the court that we have filed our reply. SG Tushar Mehta and ASG SV Raju joined the video conferencing.

It is a misuse of the legal process

SG Tushar Mehta, while presenting the ED's side, said that yesterday Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference and said that he is surrendering on June 2 at 3 pm. This is a misuse of the legal process. We register our objection to this. At the same time, ASG Raju also said that when the Supreme Court has already given a detailed order in this matter, then what is the need to mislead the court? Why is he hiding his facts before the court? ASG further said that this interim bail was only for election campaign. They have to surrender on 2 June. The Supreme Court did not say anywhere in its previous order that Arvind can file a petition seeking extension of his interim bail. This petition of Kejriwal should not be accepted, it should be rejected. As far as regular bail is concerned, he should be in custody. As of today, he is not in custody.

ASG Raju further argued in the court that Kejriwal has got interim bail because the Supreme Court had granted him bail, he is here seeking extension of the Supreme Court order. He only got the exemption from the SC that he can go to the lower court for regular bail, but this does not mean that he started demanding interim bail here. His demand for interim bail for 7 days is not worth hearing. Arvind did not tell this court in his petition that he had earlier filed a petition in the Supreme Court but the Registrar General refused to list it for early hearing. He hid this fact from the court. Arvind is trying to mislead the court by asking for extension of interim bail by 7 days for the test.

Supreme Court refused

After this, SG Tushar Mehta told the court that the Supreme Court had said in its decision that Arvind Kejriwal has to surrender on June 2. Can this court modify the decision of the Supreme Court? As per my knowledge, no, only the Supreme Court can do this. Even when the Supreme Court had granted interim bail, he had demanded extension of the date, but the court refused. Arvind said in front of the public yesterday that he will surrender on June 2. He hid this fact from his lawyer as well. Arvind was continuously holding rallies instead of getting a medical test done. This means that he is not sick. The claim of losing 7 KG weight is wrong, Arvind's weight had increased by one kg in jail.

Is the petition even worth hearing or not?

After this, the court asked Arvind's lawyer to argue. The court said that first they will decide whether Arvind Kejriwal's petition is even worth hearing or not? After this, Arvind Kejriwal's lawyer N Hariharan said that is ED trying to suggest that a person who is ill or whose medical condition is bad will not get any treatment? This is my right under Article 21. The Supreme Court had given us the freedom to file a bail application, on the same basis we have sought regular and interim bail.

Hariharan further said that I am a diabetic patient since 1994, my sugar level remains low for the last 30 years. I take 54 units of insulin daily. My health is not good. It is my right to get treatment for my health. We have placed all the reports before the court. Article 21 gives me the right to live. My medical condition is not good. In such a situation, ED's statement that my petition is not worth hearing is wrong. This court can consider bail. The Supreme Court is aware of this and that is why it has given me the freedom to go to this court for bail. The Supreme Court is aware of the fact that if this is not done then I will be deprived of any kind of remedy.

His weight has increased- ASG Raju

On this ASG Raju said that Arvind is campaigning in different parts of the country. Here he is saying that it is a health issue. He could have sought bail in the Supreme Court on the basis of health. It is wrong to say that he has lost weight, whereas his weight has increased. Arvind Kejriwal is misleading the court. His test can be done in an hour or even less. This test does not last for many days. Arvind's blood has not been tested, only urine has been tested. Arvind is saying that my condition is not good. But you see, he is continuously campaigning for elections. He is campaigning for many hours.

Further ASG Raju said that he (Kejriwal) says that his ketone level has increased. Kidney is not the only reason for increase in ketone level. If there is infection in the urine tract then it can increase. He does not have kidney disease. Dialysis is required in kidney disease. All this is his imagination. All this is a lie. We will provide Arvind with all kinds of medical facilities in jail and if there is a need to take him to AIIMS, we will take him there too. Kejriwal wants to deceive the court by delaying the investigation. He also delayed filing the application. He said that it takes seven days for a Holter test. This is a very shocking fact. If a person is seriously ill, he cannot campaign like this. If Kejriwal is really ill, we will take good care of him.

'He is giving fabricated reasons'

ASG Raju said that he campaigned all over India but nothing happened to him. A person who is making excuses of illness, giving fabricated reasons, cannot be granted interim bail. To this, SG Mehta said that this is not a very unusual thing. About 50% of people in India suffer from diabetes. The election campaign ended on May 29. He was tested on May 25. There is no explanation of what happened from the day he got bail till May 25. It is imaginary that he has suddenly lost weight. Anyway, 64 kg is normal for a person of 5 feet 5 inches.

Why 7 days for tests - Court

After this, the court asked Kejriwal's lawyer Hariharan how much time does it take for all these tests and what is the justification for 7 days. The court further asked about the Holter test, why 7 days for the test? On this, Hariharan said that Holter test has to be done, then PET-CT and many other tests have to be done.

SG Mehta, while arguing, said that even he has not informed his lawyer Hariharan about yesterday's press conference, in which he said that I am going to surrender on June 2. This is a game being played with the judicial system.

'Court can give interim bail for 5 days'

Hariharan further said that suppose if something dangerous comes out in the PET scan, then immediate steps will have to be taken and that is why I have asked for seven days. If the court feels that 5 days or 4 days are enough, then it is okay. We have no prejudice. Be sympathetic to the person who is unwell. If you feel that seven days is too long then the court can grant interim bail for 5 days.