Rajasthan / Congress high command tightens its grip on Ashok Gehlot, Pilot faction happy; What will happen next?

Zoom News : Jul 01, 2021, 06:40 AM
Jaipur. In Rajasthan, the Congress high command has now taken an entry in the game of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot (Sachin Pilot). Congress Alaman has demanded three-three names directly to the district chairmanship. After becoming Chief Minister of Ashok Gehlot, it is the first time when the party has asked for the name for the selection of District Chairs, instead of the state Congress leadership directly. It is believed to be a shock for the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's camp, then the pilot faction is excited by it. The pilot group is feeling that this Congress high command is an attempt to reduce the veto power of Gehlot and if the decisions instead of Jaipur are in Delhi, Pilot is hoping that he will also get involved in the first organization and then power.

This happened why

The first reason was that after the rebellion of Sachin Pilot, 11 months ago, Govind Singh Dotasra had made Govind Singh Dotasra, but Dotasara neither the organization nor the district president in the battle of Gehlot-pilot group, nor from the district in the organization Take appointments at the block level.

Sachin Pilot was constantly making the partnership of his supporters in the organization but the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Sachin Pilot did not want to grow now. When the pilot was the president, he was a long widel team of the organization. Pilot wanted that his supporters were restored in the organization. In this pull, the organization is just running the president. Congress has understood that the direction of the party and direction can worsen at the ground level in the grassroots level, so the rights of the appointment of the District Heads are in their hands.

Now the party will try to adjust the leaders of both groups, which will quarrel. Although the state Congress President Govind Singh DotSara said that the party leadership sought the name from the district charge directly to the Mononian of the District Heads, but the name was asked for the name and when the decision would be done, which will become the district president.

What will happen next

Sachin Pilot Guuts wants to decide on the decision of political appointments to the party's leadership department in detail, not that Gehlot will be able to get more participation in the government by reminding Sachin Pilot Congress leadership 10-month promise. On the other hand, Ashok Gehlot would not want that the expansion of his cabinet and the central leadership in political appointments. Gehlot wants to avoid it, but the Congress was probably the first message to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot that the pilot will have to walk along. If they do not do this then the interference can move forward. That is, the pilot is also important in Rajasthan. Supreme Veto Power Gehlot is not near high command. It is also a message that the party has not only been nominated, powerful and decisions.