Health / Corona: There is a risk of heart attack in these situations, avoid this

Zoom News : May 31, 2021, 04:04 PM
In the second wave of Corona, people are seeing new signs. Even after recovering from this disease, the risk of some other disease remains. Heart patients, in particular, face many challenges even after recovering from corona. Corona patients have a long-term risk of heart attack, clotting, and heart failure. In such a situation, the doctor knows how to take care of the heart after recovering from the corona.

Dr. Gautam Swarup, a renowned cardiologist of Sahara Hospital in Lucknow, told Aaj Tak that corona patients should always be alert in the matter of heart. Any symptoms associated with the heart should not be ignored. A heart test is necessary even after recovering from the corona.

Do people with blood pressure or heart disease have any risk from the vaccine - Dr. Gautam says that patients with heart disease have no need to panic, but these people should get the vaccine done as soon as possible. These people will benefit the most from the vaccine.

According to Dr. Gautam, there is no risk of any clotting from the vaccine in heart patients. Also, remember one thing that if you are a heart patient, never stop taking your regular medication while being infected with corona or even after getting vaccinated.

How to take care of the heart after recovering from corona- Some patients may feel symptoms of post pneumonia after being discharged from the hospital. This is because it takes time for the lungs to fully recover. According to Dr. Gautam, if you are cured of corona and your oxygen level is above 94, then you do not have to bother in any way.

If your oxygen level is falling below 94 even after a few days of recovery, then you need to be careful. This could be a sign of post covid clotting in the lungs. Due to this, the patient may also have a heart attack. To avoid such a situation, you should immediately contact a doctor and get your heart checked.

On why patients are feeling so weak in this wave of corona, on this, Dr. Gautam says, "Whenever we are infected with a viral fever, our body becomes weak. Our immunity grows slowly. The same thing is with Corona as well. It is normal for corona patients to feel weakness, loss of appetite, and body pain. To deal with all this, the patient first needs to keep himself mentally strong.

Dr. Gautam says, "Some patients of Corona have to give more doses of medicine. Because of this, they also feel a lot of weakness after recovery, which can be stretched a little longer. However, there is no such thing as panic. This weakness gradually goes away and everything becomes normal. Patients recovering from corona should drink plenty of water, take a diet rich in protein and sleep well. This results in quick recovery of the patient.

Regarding the danger of the third wave, Dr. Gautam says, "Nothing can be said about it right now because all these estimates are based on studies. However, we need to be careful and make full preparations for this. It is the responsibility of the parents to protect the children from infection, so first of all, as soon as possible, they themselves should get the vaccine.

The doctor said, 'It is very important to teach children to behave like cavitated. Teach them the right way to wear a mask and inculcate the habit of cleanliness. The most important thing is that when the speed of the corona decreases, avoid taking the children out immediately. Do not take them to any crowded place. '