Special / Death due to momos and now aiims advisory chew well and swallow carefully

Zoom News : Jun 14, 2022, 06:05 PM
If you are fond of eating momos, then it is very important for you to read this warning of AIIMS. AIIMS has advised people who eat hot momos with red chutney with great fervor, to chew it heavily and swallow it with caution. Failure to do so may endanger health and may even be life-threatening. Experts at AIIMS have said that swallowing momos without chewing can be a cause for concern and it can get stuck in the stomach, which can even lead to death. In fact, AIIMS experts have said this after a 50-year-old man's health deteriorated after eating momos.

AIIMS Hospital in Delhi has issued advisory to the states. This advisory has been issued after a person from South Delhi was brought to AIIMS Hospital and was found dead. According to the forensic report of AIIMS, the deceased person is about 50 years old. He was drinking alcohol and he was eating momos at a shop. During this he fell on the ground. Referring to the post-mortem report, forensic experts said that the momos was stuck in the windpipe. Experts have described this problem as neurogenic cardiac arrest.

AIIMS experts said that this is a case in which Momos went and got stuck in the windpipe and died due to that. He said that whenever we eat any such thing, which is more in size or which has the possibility of bloating inside, it should be eaten only after chewing it. Experts said that if we eat without chewing, then there is a possibility of that thing slipping into the windpipe and getting stuck. It can block the respiratory system and can lead to death. What scientists found in this whole matter, its information has been given in the latest issue of Journal of Forensic Imaging.