Special / Desi Cow, Videshi Business: Buy Cow Dung in New Jersey For $3

India Today : Nov 18, 2019, 03:11 PM
That cow dung cakes are on sale at e-commerce sites such as Flipkart and Amazon is news that you are already aware of. But did you know that cow dung cakes are also being sold at a grocery store in Edison, New Jersey for $2.99 or Rs 214 only?

Samar Halarnkar, a Twitter user, shared a picture of the packet of cow dung cakes that his cousin spotted at a New Jersey store. Ten pieces are available for the aforementioned price in the store while the packet also mentioned a disclaimer: "For a religious purpose, not eatable". The package also said that it is a: "Product of India".

Along with the picture, Samar tweeted, "My cousin sent me this. Available at a grocery store in Edison, New Jersey. $2.99 only. My question: Are these imported from desi cows or are they from Yankee cows?"

Well, then!

The post has garnered several likes while netizens posted funny lines in the comments section. Some users also answered Samar's question.

Cow dung cakes are still being sold on Amazon in case you are interested, by the way.