Special / Elephant rescue from ditch in Ramgarh district in Jharkhand viral video

Zoom News : Jun 27, 2022, 03:02 PM
Special | The violence of wild elephants in the Gola forest area located in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand is not a new thing. Throughout the year a large herd of wild elephants roam the area. Late Saturday night, about one and a half dozen wild elephants were roaming in Sangrampur and Hullu areas. The elephant chase team was also running behind these elephants. Due to darkness, the herd of elephants could not get an idea of ​​the well built in the field and a huge elephant fell into the well. On coming to know about this, the officers and personnel of the Forest Department, with the help of the surrounding villagers, rescued the elephant that had fallen in the well and pulled it out safely. The forest personnel involved in the rescue team had to struggle hard for about five hours to get the elephant out of the well.

Way made in the well with the help of JCB: Due to darkness, an attempt was made to get the elephant out of the well from al five in the morning. The rescue team made a lot of effort by submerging the well and making a way in it. After this the elephant was somehow pulled out of the well. The elephant was very tired after swimming in the water all night. Due to which it was becoming difficult to get out of the narrow path made. Due to which the JCB driver pushed the elephant from behind and pulled the elephant out of the same path. Silently Sangrampur went towards the forest.

Thousands of people had gathered around there on the information of the elephant falling into the well. Many people made videos and started making them viral on social media. Villagers told that like every day a herd of elephants was passing through that road eating corn, okra and other types of crops in the field. Meanwhile, around 1.30 pm, a huge elephant fell into the well. He started shouting loudly, the team running behind Hathi Bhagao was apprehensive of danger. People understood that something untoward must have happened. The forest department employees also understood that the accident had happened.

Accident while driving elephants out of the area

Forester Shivshankar, Anil Kumar, Manish Sharma, Yogendra Mahto, Deepak Das, Ajay Karmali and other employees of the forest department involved in the rescue team told that about one and a half dozen elephants are included in the herd of elephants. This herd was going from Bisa, Tandil village towards Hulu. The forest department team was also running behind them. Meanwhile, an elephant fell into the well. The rescue operation was started in the morning as it was night. The elephant's life has been saved by running a rescue operation. It was told that the elephant got hurt after falling into a small well.