Buzz / Fish with human-like teeth and lips spotted in Malaysia, pics go viral

TimesNow News : Jul 11, 2020, 08:36 PM
Kuala Lumpur: Of and on, posts surface on the internet that is enough to amaze us. That amazement is both good and bad.

When such posts make our way, some of us are taken aback by what it shows us. It also shows us how nature is so different around us that it takes us time to understand it all.

Nature often baffles us. There are so many elements in it that we are not aware of and we do not get to see. Thanks to those who may document it by finding it anywhere around them, we become aware of the same.

Not just the atmosphere, even the physical features of some animals can leave us bamboozled. Every animal around the world has different qualities and features which makes them stand out from the others.

The very quality that makes them rare is what amazes us when we see it. It could freak us all out at first but it is enough to stay etched in our mind for a very long time. Such posts and moments should always be cherished and remembered.

Apart from the cherishing factor, they tend to go viral very soon.

One such example is of a fish from Malaysia. The reason behind it going popular is the features it has.

The fish has rather ‘human-like’ features with actual teeth and lips. It is named Triggerfish and it is normally found in South East Asian water bodies. With a strong jaw, big lips, and human-like teeth, it is enough to baffle anyone who comes across these photos.

The photos were posted on Twitter showing the unusual features. The photos went viral as soon as they were posted.

After that, netizens went crazy over the photos. They started to photoshop to make their own versions of the same.