Special / Funny video of man trying jugaad to get seat in crowded metro viral video

Zoom News : Jun 12, 2021, 10:00 AM
Special: If you have traveled in metro or train, then you must have worked hard to get a seat. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to juggle the seat when the crowd is high and long journeys have to be cut standing. Many times people do more than one feat to get a seat. A jugaad video is going viral on social media, in which a young man does amazing jugaad to get a seat in the metro.

Jugaad got seat in metro

A very funny video is going viral on the social media site Instagram. This video has been shared by an account named Tube Indian. In this, a person is traveling standing in a full metro. He must have been tired or the journey would be long, so he starts making juggles to sit on the seat. The most amazing thing is that he even gets a seat. Seeing the viral video, you too will not be able to live without praising the person.

epileptic seizure

The person standing in the crowd suddenly starts trembling and trembling. Seeing his condition, the women sitting on the seat get up one by one. Still, the man found it a bit awkward to sit there because only women were sitting there. Then a woman lifts the cap of a person who has fallen on the ground and puts it on the seat. After that the person gets the courage to sit there. Sitting down, he puts on his cap with pleasure. After remaining normal for a few seconds, he shows his movement again.

laughing at seeing

Some people present in the metro were terrified after seeing the condition of the person. At the same time, some people can also be seen laughing softly. People traveling daily in the train, many times, by doing such acts, they get seated.