Technical / Galaxy Fold new release date will be announced soon

India Today : May 11, 2019, 09:48 AM

Galaxy Fold was supposed to have been released in a few markets by now, but due to some serious display-related issues reported early on, Samsung had to indefinitely postpone the launch. It seems the company is now getting closer to a definite launch date as hinted by Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh. While speaking to Korea Herald, Koh said that the company is coming close to a final decision on the US launch of the Galaxy Fold.

Prior to its expected launch last month, some early reviewers who got hold of Galaxy Fold units reported issues with the device's main display. At the time it was speculated that the issues were caused due to the removal of a protective film on the display which paved the way for particulates to enter and slide under the screen, causing bumps and breaks.

Koh told Korea Herald that "the company has reviewed the defect caused from substances (that entered the device), and we will reach a conclusion in a couple of days (on the launch)."Based on what the Samsung Electronics CEO said, it seems the company has fixed or is close to fixing the flaw that caused the displays on some Galaxy Fold units to show bumps leading to the display being totalled. After completing its internal inspection of the damaged units, Samsung has decided to take measures to make sure similar problems don't occur with upcoming units.

Samsung told the Herald that some of the measures include "strengthening the durability of the exposed areas on the hinge and minimizing the tiny gap between the protective layer and the bezel of the main display in order to prevent any external substances from penetrating the device."

Koh did not provide an exact date of launch for the Galaxy Fold, but upon being asked whether there is a possibility launching the foldable phone in the US this month, Koh replied, "We will not be too late." This suggests the company could soon announce a new launch date for the Galaxy Fold in the coming days.