Adani Group / Gautam Adani will now make drones and missiles, signed this agreement with Saudi

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 14, 2024, 08:35 AM
Adani Group: Adani Group's Adani Defense and Aerospace has signed an agreement with UAE company EDGE Group, under which now both the companies will cooperate in the development of electronic and cyber systems along with the manufacture of modern weapons. Let us tell you that Adani Group has spread its business in many sectors from selling oil to cement and ports. Now the company has also entered the defense sector. The Saudi company with which Adani Group has signed an agreement is counted among the top companies of the Gulf country.

What will be the benefit of the deal?

Under this agreement, setting up research and development facilities will be considered and emphasis will be laid on technological development in the defense sector. The objective of the agreement is to establish a global platform using the defense and aerospace capabilities of Adani Group and EDGE Group, so that the respective product portfolios of both can be presented together. Under this deal, EDGE and Adani Defense will also jointly develop products for air, surface, infantry, ammunition and air defense. Along with this, missiles will also be made which will be based on unmanned aerial systems (UAS), loitering munitions, counter drone systems and cyber technology.

What did Adani Group say?

Ashish Rajvanshi, CEO of Adani Defense and Aerospace, has said about this deal that this agreement marks the beginning of a new era in the expansion of defense capabilities. It also reflects our commitment to advanced technological development and increasing bilateral cooperation between India and UAE. Together we want to set new standards in the global defense sector.

Adani Group has done a deal with UAE's top company

EDGE Group company in UAE has a big name in the defense sector, which was established in 2019. EDGE CEO Hamad Al Marar is also excited about this deal. He said that this agreement with Adani Defense will prove to be a milestone and shows our commitment to strengthen the military relations of both the countries. We want to give the most modern products to our customers. Now both the companies will together create a joint platform.