Business / Google launches Bolo app in India to help children read in English, Hindi

The Indian Express : Mar 07, 2019, 10:26 AM
Google has launched a new app called Bolo, which aims to help students with their reading & comprehension skills and will help them read out aloud in English and in Hindi. Bolo app, which is launching in beta first, comes after a pilot project that Google ran with 900 children in over 200 villages in Uttar Pradesh with ASER centre. Google Bolo app will hope to plug that gap with tutor-based approach in children read.

The Google Bolo app will hope to plug that gap with its tutor-based approach in helping children read. The app includes an Assistant called Diya as well, which encourages children with their reading, understanding skills.

Diya can speak in Hindi and English and will encourage the child when they are trying to read in English or Hindi. For instance, when the child reads the text correctly, Diya says “Shabash” or very good.