Bollywood / Govt Shares New Road Safety TVC Ft Akshay Kumar Promotes 6 Airbags

Zoom News : Sep 10, 2022, 02:48 PM
Bollywood | The government is constantly taking new steps to include 6 airbags in the car. However, so far no consensus has been reached between the government and the car manufacturers. As Maruti Suzuki has made it clear that it gives 6 airbags in its small hatchback, then those cars will be out of the budget of the common man. In such a situation, it will not hesitate to discontinue many of its base variants. However, in the meantime, the government has issued a TVC ad with film actor Akshay Kumar to create awareness among people about 6 airbags. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India (MORTH) has released this ed. Sharing this ad with his Twitter handle, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari wrote – 'Make life safe by traveling in a vehicle with 6 airbags.'

Explained the importance of 6 airbags in 1 minute ed

Akshay Kumar is in the role of a traffic cop in the TVC ad made for 6 airbags. Ed is showing the farewell to a girl's wedding. In which the girl is crying sitting inside the car gifted by her father. In such a situation, Akshay Kumar comes and he tells his father that there are no 6 airbags in this car. In such a situation, if the daughter does not cry, then what will she laugh? After this the father gifts her a car with 6 airbags and the daughter starts laughing. This ad, made in a funny way, touches the hearts of people. The importance of 6 airbags at the time of accident is also explained with the help of graphic in the middle of the ad.

Gadkari told the cost of an airbag

>> During the question hour of Lok Sabha, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey raised the issue of airbags in cars. He had asked the Union Minister that the government has decided that at least 6 airbags will be made mandatory in every car. The date of its draft notification is of October this year, but it has not been released yet. When will its notification come, so that the policy of 6 airbags can be implemented for the companies.

>> On this question Nitin Gadkari said that the cost of an airbag is only 800 rupees. The government is considering the proposal of 6 airbags. It will also be implemented soon. He did not specify a timeline on when it would be mandatory for car companies. Gadkari said that every year up to 5 lakh road accidents take place in the country, in which up to 1.5 lakh lives are lost. As of now, airbags are necessary for the driver and front seat passenger in the car. There is no airbag rule for the people sitting behind. However, the government has decided that it will implement airbags for all passengers.

Why 800 airbags cost 60 thousand?

Now the question arises that when the cost of an airbag is Rs 800, then why is the company charging Rs 15,000 on it. According to RC Bhargava, if 6 airbags are installed, then their price will increase by 60 thousand rupees. There are already 2 airbags in the car, that is, the cost of installing 4 airbags will be 60 thousand at the rate of 15 thousand per airbag. According to Gadkari, the cost of an airbag is Rs 800. That is, the cost of 4 airbacks is Rs 3200. Now assume that some sensors, supporting accessories will also be installed with the airbag. Then the cost of an airbag can increase to around Rs 400 to 500. That is, the cost of an airbag can be Rs 1300. That is, the cost of 4 airbags is Rs 5200. Then why is the company telling Rs 60,000.