Viral Video / Groom touches wife feet after marriage video viral breaking tradition

Zoom News : Jun 28, 2022, 09:47 PM
Viral Video | Indian society is made up of cultural activities and traditions. There are many such traditions in marriage which are being followed for generations. There are also many such traditions which no one considers, but they are followed as rituals and rituals. However, in many places, the youth are now trying to create new dimensions by leaving the conservatism. These days a wedding video is becoming quite viral. In this, the groom Arnav Roy touches his wife's feet after marriage.

When the video of this wedding was shared on Instagram, it garnered millions of views on Instagram. When a wedding takes place, couples try their best to make it memorable. A lot of preparations were made for the wedding of Arnav and the wedding. When the marriage was over, everyone was astonished. Arnav took blessings by touching Diti's feet.

It is generally in the tradition that after marriage the wife touches the feet of the husband and seeks blessings. However this marriage was different. When Arnav bowed before Diti, she could not hold back her smile. After that both of them hugged.

Posting the video, Diti wrote, "Our pundit didn't like it at all. But at the end of the ceremony he praised us and said, You are very lucky. Let us tell you that this marriage took place in November last year, but the couple has now posted the footage on social media.