Special / Homeless beggar property more than Rs 5 crore earns Rs 1-27 lakh per month lives on street

Zoom News : Dec 01, 2022, 06:09 PM
Trending Story: Have you ever heard of someone who has assets worth more than Rs 5 crore and is roaming the streets? Everything is possible in the 21st century. A homeless person in London earns at least 1,300 pounds, about Rs 1.27 lakh, in rent every month. This beggar named Dom has made a shocking disclosure about his wealth during an interview. He lives on the streets because of his addiction to heroin and other drugs. Let us tell you about Dom.

heroin addiction at a young age

Dom told that he was addicted to heroin at an early age. After the overdose, he maintained sobriety on himself for seven years. But once again he got drawn towards drugs. According to LADbible, Dom grew up in a middle class household. Due to his athletic prowess, he also got scholarship during his school days. But as he entered adolescence, his life began to change.

Marijuana at age 13..

Dom said that I have gone mad ... My world is between alcohol, drugs and other drugs. I started using marijuana at the age of 13 and gradually got drawn towards almost every drug. He continued, "I started using heroin when I was about 17 or 18. I was hooked immediately." Was able to maintain sobriety for seven years after going into rehab.

wasted all the money on drugs

Dom said that he uses all the income from the house rent to buy drugs. He begs on the streets of London and earns 200 to 300 pounds a day. He said that I spend almost all the money he gets on drugs. He said, "I sleep outside the station."

wants to quit addiction

She claimed that when her first son was born, his father bought the house so that the child would have a place to live. His friends and family have now distanced themselves from him. He worries that his addiction could put him in danger if he sells his house, which is worth £530,000 (roughly Rs. 5.19 crores). He does not want to depend on drugs and wants to lead a regular life.