Special / If this prediction of Baba Venga comes true, then there can be devastation in just a month

Zoom News : Nov 25, 2022, 01:38 PM
Baba Vanga Prediction December 2022: According to the media reports of western countries, Baba Vanga had made a total of six predictions for the year 2022. Now about one and a quarter months is left for this year to end. In such a situation, there is a fear in the minds of the people that in the coming days the rest of the predictions of Baba Venga may not come true. Let us tell you that Baba Venga has predicted in the year 2022 from the appearance of a new deadly virus to the attack of aliens. In such a situation, now let us know which of his predictions made for this year 2022 have come true and which predictions are scaring people?

What to fear in 2022?

Let us tell you that Baba Venga had made 6 predictions for the year 2022. In which he has made very scary predictions ranging from the appearance of a new deadly virus after Corona, from the invasion of aliens and the attack of locusts to the spread of starvation. In fact, except for one incident of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, to a large extent this year is passing slowly and safely. In such a situation, concern is being expressed about the remaining days of this year.

According to what Baba Venga told his followers and what he wrote, in the year 2022 there will be a decrease in the temperature in the world due to which the outbreak of locusts will increase. In such a situation, she will attack India in search of food. In this attack, huge damage can be caused to the crops sown in the earth and the stored crop stock. In such a situation, due to the situation of famine in the country, the condition of starvation can be created. It is noteworthy that already millions of people living in many countries of the world are suffering from starvation and malnutrition. In such a situation, if Baba Venga's mentioned situation prevails in India, then there can be a lot of destruction.

predictions that came true

Baba Venga had told that in 2022 there will be shortage of water in some countries. Due to the unprecedented and wild heat this year in Europe, the conditions of drought have already been created. He had talked about floods in some Asian countries and Australia this year. In Asia, the world has seen the devastation of floods in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Thailand. This year heavy rains and floods have caused devastation on the east coast of Australia.

Divyang Baba Vanga of Bulgaria had made predictions of war and disaster from the end of the world before his death. In such a situation, various discussions are going on among those who believe in predictions and predictions regarding the remaining days of the year 2022.