Assam / Indian, US soldiers dance on Assam Regiment's marching song

India Today : Sep 15, 2019, 04:15 PM

Agroup of Indian soldiers were joined in by their American counterparts in singing the Army's favourite marching song, 'Badluram ka badan zameen ke neeche hai' during a joint military exercise in the US.

The Indian and American soldiers broke into a dance while singing the popular marching song dedicated to Badluram, a soldier in the Assam regiment who was killed during World War II.

In a video released by ANI, the soldiers can be seen loudly cheering, dancing and singing "Badluram ka badan zameen ke neeche hai aur humko uska ration milta hai". The song is a legend that continues as a regimental song.

The group of soldiers could be seen singing and dancing on the Assam Regiment's marching song during the joint exercise 'Yudhabhyas' that was carried out at Joint Base Lewis, McChord in the United States.

The song that they dance to is a story in itself. Badluram, a soldier in the Assam regiment was killed in World War II but his name remained in the rolls and his share of ration continued to be accounted for. When the Japanese got the better of the troops, they were left with no supplies and it was Badluram's share of the ration that was in abundance that helped the troops survive.