Bigg Boss OTT 3 / Luv Kataria evicted by Bigg Boss, 'Chakki' becomes the last lifeline!

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jul 10, 2024, 07:00 AM
Bigg Boss OTT 3: New relationships were seen forming and breaking again on Tuesday in the reality show 'Bigg Boss OTT Season 3'. There was a discussion about Nazi's hygiene in the house throughout the day, due to which Armaan Malik's mood got spoiled. On the other hand, he was again seen having a tussle with Vishal Pandey. Know what happened in today's episode of July 9.

Bigg Boss got angry at 'outsiders'

Bigg Boss told all the housemates that he had told a rule that the outsider should not tell anyone that he is an outsider. The outsider took all the benefits, but ignored his conditions. Since Luv Kataria was an 'outsider', he was fired and his right to stay in this house was also taken away. Bigg Boss said that he was evicted from this house. Then the housemates were asked to raise their hands in favor of saving Luv from being evicted, in which most of the members raised their hands.

'Chakki' became the last lifeline for Lavkesh

The mill should keep running in the house till the next order of Bigg Boss. Then it will be left to the viewers to decide whether to evict Lavkesh or save him.

Crack in the relationship between Chandrika Dixit and Shivani Kumari

Chandrika Dixit did not write a letter to Shivani Kumari. Because of this Shivani felt bad. Now there is a distance between the two. Shivani also changed her bed. Because of this Chandrika looked broken in the morning and started saying that now she will also stay away.

Armaan Malik got upset with Naezy's unhygienic act

Early in the morning there was a rift between Armaan Malik and Naezy. Naezy did not flush properly, due to which Armaan got very angry with him. Later Ranveer Shorey explained to Naezy lovingly.

Ups and downs in Naezy's life

Naezy told Sana Sultan that there was a time when he was going through a bad time. He used to travel in expensive cars and was travelling in local trains during difficult times. His life changed only 2-4 months ago, when he got lakhs of rupees for his work. On one hand, Najee was talking to Sana Sultan about his life, on the other hand, Sana Maqbool was not happy with them sitting together. She started telling the other contestants that she will also change herself.

Does Najee not like Shivani Kumari?

Shivani Kumari, Vishal Pandey, Luv Kataria and Sana Maqbool were sitting together. Shivani was joking and while laughing, she put her hand on Najee's hand, after which he got angry with Shivani. Sana Maqbool is unwell and she goes to the medical room, after which Shivani tells Najee that she did not give the letter to Sana, due to which she is having a headache.

Kritika's words provoked Armaan

Kritika started getting irritated seeing these people talking. On his wife's behest, Armaan started talking about food with the members sitting in the group and joking. When Vishal put forward his point about rotis, Armaan got angry. He said that if he does not get roti, he will turn off the gas.

Now the debate started about Shivani Kumari

In the last episode, Shivani's health deteriorated, after which Armaan said that she is doing drama. Luv Kataria heard this. Today Shivani taunted Armaan that she took a bath in the morning itself, so that her health does not deteriorate again and people say that she is doing drama. Hearing this, Armaan confronted Luv. After this conversation, Armaan talked to Shivani about her displeasure with Chandrika. Then whatever Shivani said, he went and told Chandrika. Then Chandrika replied that now she cannot do anything else. If someone doesn't want to talk, then don't.

Is Kritika still angry?

Kritika is still angry with Vishal Pandey's act. She told Chandrika Dixit that she was going to wear a dress, but its neck was a bit big, so she didn't wear it. She said, 'I will not wear it here at all. This is not the place to wear such a dress.' Chandrika and Kritika also object to the fact that Shivani was not affected, she is still joking with Vishal.

Vishal was called in the confession room

Big Boss called Vishal in the confession room. He was shown the footage of Luv Kataria, in which both of them are talking about someone else. Bigg Boss asked, 'What is this?' Then Vishal told that he had realized that Luv is the outsider. That's why he was asking Luv again and again, but he did not tell.