Maharashtra / Maharashtra: 1.82 lakh — the average winning margin in state

The Indian Express : May 24, 2019, 12:22 PM
The main feature of the Lok Sabha results in Maharashtra is the massive margins by which the BJP and Shiv Sena won from their seats. The average winning margin for the 48 Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra is 1.82 lakh votes. This is slightly lower than 2014 when the average winning margin was 1.87 lakh, but a huge increase over 2009 when it was only 77,898 votes. The average victory margin of the BJP, the party with the most resounding victory in the state, was 2.17 lakh votes in the 23 seats that it won. In 2014, the average margin was 2.37 lakh votes in the 22 seats in which it posted a victory.

In 2009, the BJP won nine seats and its average victory margin was only 52,723 votes.

The highest victory margin of 4.65 lakh votes belonged to BJP’s Gopal Shetty, the candidate from Mumbai North. He won in 2014 by a margin of 4.46 lakh votes. The BJP has a victory margin of over four lakh votes in two constituencies and over three lakh in three. Its lowest victory margin is 40,010 in Nanded where Prataprao Chikhalikar defeated Ashok Chavan.

The Shiv Sena, too, has managed to post heavy victories with an average winning margin of 1.83 lakh in the 18 seats it won. In the last election, the margin was 1.69 lakh votes.