Rajasthan / Man shoots Girlfriend dead, throws body, then kill cab driver near Jaipur; Arrested

Zoom News : Dec 11, 2019, 04:05 PM
Hanumangarh: Police have arrested the accused, who came to Surat after murdering a young woman's body near Dharuhera in Rewari, Haryana and killing a cab driver in Chandwaji on Ajmer bypass near Jaipur. The accused was in the process of selling the stolen car at the car fair of Sarthana. On suspicion of the vehicle and the accused, the fair operator called the police and told them. The Sarthana police arrested the accused.

Police said that the accused Hemant Lamba had killed his girl friend with four bullets in Delhi. After this, her body was dumped at Dharuhera in Rewari, Haryana and escaped. Deepti Goyal, deceased girl, was a native of Sangaria in Hanumangarh. After this, on Saturday, accused Hemant Lamba also killed a cab driver at Chandwaji on Ajmer bypass near Jaipur. The police feared any gang involvement in the murder of the woman and the cab driver in the same manner. 

After committing two murders, the accused came to Surat with a stolen car. When he had no money, he reached the car fair near Yogi Chowk in Sarthana to sell the car. The accused was trying to run away by selling the car at a quarter to one price. If the fair operator had any doubt about the action of Hemant Lamba, he called and called the police. The Sarthana police arrested the accused and handed them over to the Haryana Police. It is known that the team of Haryana and Rajasthan Police came to Surat in search of the accused.

Killed the second one due trouble of recovery of the vehicle, murdered his girlfriend in Delhi

On 2nd December, when accused came to Rajasthan to recover the car, committed another murder. Due to problems in the recovery of the vehicle, he killed the cab driver near Ajmer bypass. However, it is not yet known who murdered the cab driver. The accused is being questioned by the police. Sarthana Police Inspector Tarun Chaudhary said that the accused Hemant Lamba had thrown his dead body in Rewari, Haryana after killing his girlfriend in Delhi. Family of the deceased woman told that she was under stress for a long time, she was undergoing treatment in Delhi. The dead woman went out of the house saying will come back in an hour, the next day her body was found.

Police Inspector Chaudhary, who went to sell the car in Surat at the behest of the friend, said that the accused's friend Irfan had told him that he could sell the car in or around Surat. The accused came to Surat to sell the car and was caught.

Native kitta found with accused in search

After the police arrested the accused, they searched the car and found inside the Katta and four cartridges. The Haryana police arrested the accused and took them by road.