Special / Man Tried To Catch A Crocodile With A Shirt Suddenly Animal Jumped On Him What Happened Next...

Zoom News : Nov 23, 2022, 04:43 PM
Special | Alligator Attack Video: Any interference with an alligator, one of the deadliest and feared predators, can result in serious injury or perhaps death. They are one of the fastest and most ferocious reptiles, so one should pray that they never come in contact with anyone.

In a video going viral on social media, an old man is trying to trap a crocodile with the help of a simple cloth that looks like a shirt. The scenes are as bizarre and scary as they read. At first, the man appeared confident and skillful in handling the large reptile, but as the video progressed, it showed the elderly man falling uncontrollably to the ground. He tried to retreat and got scared seeing the dangerous attacking moves of the crocodile.

The old man's hand got stuck in the crocodile's mouth for a while. He was able to keep himself safe, as the reptile immediately opened its mouth and released the man. This video serves as an excellent example of why it is wrong to tamper with wild animals without proper training and support.

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Reddit users have seen the shocking video multiple times, yet they are still shocked based on the amount of comments people have been making.

One user wrote, "The way he threw that shirt, I really thought this man knew what he was doing."

Another user wrote that "man is very lucky that super-fast second snap didn't find his leg! It was too close."