Bollywood / Many actors like Alia, Deepika, Karan beat depression in this way

Zoom News : Oct 10, 2022, 05:38 PM
Mental Health Day How Actor Overcome From Depression: Glamor industry attracts every common man, many celebs consider them as their idols, they worship them. But he does not let the world reveal the dark truth behind the successful life of these stars. Seeing them, it seems that they are enjoying their stardom a lot but the reality is something else. Many celebs have become victims of mental illness like depression even after earning name fame. This list includes many big names of the industry like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, (Alia Bhatt) Karan Johar and many more celebs. So are these stars still battling depression? No, these actors bravely faced this mental illness and also shared their experiences of recovering from it in front of the world.

The mission of Deepika Padukone should not be known by anyone's mental illness.

Remembering the period of depression, Deepika still gets scared. Many times during the interview, while sharing the experience of his depression, his tears have spilled out. Only one who faces this disease can understand what a frightening experience it is. But Deepika faced it very bravely. She told about how she finally got herself out of depression, the actress says, 'I needed professional help, and then my journey started. I met a psychiatrist, got medication. Initially, I did not like all this because mental illness is seen from a very different point of view but after some time I started feeling better. In the end, Deepika said that she is on a mission that no one should die due to mental illness.

Alia got help from her sister's book on depression

Alia Bhatt is the bubbly actress of the industry, but Alia, who is always seen with a cute smile on her face, has narrowly escaped being completely in the grip of depression. Talking about this, Alia herself had revealed that she used to cry without saying anything. They didn't know what was happening to them. He said, 'I knew it was not stress, it was something else which I cannot describe in words. . My sister herself has been a victim of depression for many years. After recovering from this, he wrote a book, 'I've Never Been Un-Happier'. After reading this, Alia realized that she was suffering from depression. But this book helped Alia recover from depression in time and is now healthy.

Hrithik took the help of doctors

Looking at the personality of Bollywood's Greek God Hrithik Roshan, one cannot guess that he has ever suffered from mental illness like depression. But it is true that there was a phase in Hrithik's life when he went into depression. During that time Hrithik had also gained a lot of weight. But Hrithik talked to his loved ones about this change happening with him and consulted the doctors for this. Due to the advice of the doctor, Hrithik overcame depression.

Karan Johar used to have anxiety attacks due to depression

Bollywood filmmakers are a well-known name not only in the TV industry but also in the TV industry. Karan Johar himself, who has made a career for many stas kids, has felt the feeling of emptiness and loneliness in his life. Karan himself had revealed about this that there was a phase in his life when he was not feeling any happiness from anything. He felt lonely. Due to the depression, he felt as if he was going to have a cardiac arrest. Taking his condition seriously, he talked to the doctor and started medicine. After consulting the doctor, he came to know that he was having anxiety attacks due to depression. Karan took medication on the advice of a doctor to eliminate depression and he was successful in recovering from it.