Lifestyle / Many times more valuable than sperm, know these 8 interesting things about women's eggs

Zoom News : Jun 07, 2021, 04:30 PM
A lot of people have the right information about the ags to be made in women's body. US Medical Writer Randy Hatro Epestin has given many interesting information related to Ags and Pregnancy in his book 'Gate Me Out'. In this, he has been told about the release of the Egg, with his role in synergy with the sperm and making embryo. Let's know about these facts.

Egs become quick - Baby Girl's body begins to become ags only after nine weeks. These eggs seem to be made after nine weeks later but after 9 weeks of pregnancy. By this time the embryo gets 5 months. By the time of childbirth, most of these immature oval die. This is a very normal situation. Say largely, its thickness is equal to a hair. Any other cell in the body is not so big.

Egs are precious - On average, women oven only 400 to 500 eggs in their lifetime. It is very low compared to the sperm. In fact, the same sperm cells out in the same time of men, the same life gets full life in the body of women. Perhaps this is the reason why the price of the ags is more than the sperm. Egg Donor can earn only millions of an egg, while the sperm donor gets very little money for every soakulation.

Eggs are gradually large - unlike other body cells, egg cells take years to grow. They live in immature stage within Oview for many years and are mature during the process of the ovulation.

Eggs are fragile - AGSs to be made in women's body are very fragile. A technique called Witrification is used to freeze them. The outer layer of the ags is strengthened in this technique. For this, they are closed in the glass container.

With aging, the capacity of the ags decreases - there are many healthy ags in a young woman's body. Actually, about 90 percent of the 21-year-old woman is enabled. At the same time, there is a 41-year-old woman's ability to be fertilizers in about 10 percent of the eggs. This is the reason why many women get freezed by removing their ags till getting the right partner.

Special rights to choose the sperm - millions of sperm ags try to get it but there is a special ability to choose the sperm in the ags. According to this, if a sperm was went in the egg, the second sperm can not go inside again. There is a special 'Organil' in the egg that removes protein and enzyme so that it can be ensured that the second could not go inside the Egg.


There is a lot of pregnancy in the ags - a long time ago that pregnancy is possible due to the sperm, while now everyone knows that there is an important role of Ags. In addition to adding half the jeans to the agse, there is also the ability to add sperm-ags. The DNA of the Egg hangs in its center, which is hinged through a fiber.


Easy Donet does not work - Sprim Donation is extremely easy while Egg Donation has to go through a very complex process. Egs Donor is the first hormone injection that hyperstimulates the ovary so that they can make do not have one or dozens eggs. When the time comes to release the Ages, the doctors put the catheters in Canal so that the ags can be removed through Fluid.