State / M(eh)ade in Bihar: World's first chocolate for baby goats

The New Indian Express : Jun 11, 2019, 12:25 PM
Goats of the world rejoice. If you're reading, a young agricultural scientist at Bihar’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra has developed a unique chocolate bar just for your kids. ‘Memney ka chocolate’ is the fruit of two years of research and works as an effective growth catalyst for newborns -- from the goat kind.

The chocolate is rich in protein and other minerals, besides containing jaggery. Baby goats who don't get ample milk from their mothers are served this for at least 15 days -- first in powder form and then in the solid version.

“The powder form of chocolate is served to them for 15 to 17 days so that they can learn to lick," said the scientist Dharmendra Kumar. He says they are selling like hotcakes among goat owners.

“It took me two years to research and develop it with locally available products like millet, jaggery and other edible items. I am in the process of patenting this chocolate,” said Kumar, adding that this type of chocolate for baby goats was not available anywhere in the world.

One kg of chocolate is sold for Rs 60 at the Banka-based Krishi Vigyan Kendra. 

"By now, more than 16 quintals of chocolate have been sold and sent to Assam and Jharkhand,” he said, adding that 1 kg of chocolate boosts the weight of lambs by 40 to 50 grams every day.

Dharmendra Kumar has earned praise from the erstwhile Union minister for agriculture Radha Mohan Singh and current director of Bihar Agriculture University Sabour RK Sohane.