India / Mumbai Cab Driver's Honesty Is Winning Hearts Online

NDTV : Jun 14, 2019, 12:07 PM

The story of a Mumbai cab driver's honesty has gone viral online, and it's making people smile from ear to ear. The story was shared by a Twitter user who goes by the handle '@DarthSierra'. He wrote about the encounter he had with an Ola cab driver, named Asif Iqbal Abdul Gaffar Pathan. In his account of the incident, the Twitter user praised Mr Pathan for going out of his way to return a lost wallet and spoke about the importance of sharing positive stories on social media.

In his first tweet, he wrote, "Hey Ola cabs I need to report an incident I faced with one of your driver by the name Asif Iqbal Abdul Gaffar Pathan. He drives a mini Hyundai Xcent."

He went on to narrate his experience with Mr Pathan, talking about how they chatted during the ride. We thanked him & proceeded to meet our friends. About an hr into the evening I realised I don't have my wallet. I freaked out & thought maybe I dropped it while getting out of the cab so went looking. Then called him to check.

When he called Mr Pathan to check whether he had left it in the cab, he was surprised to learn that the cab driver had kept it safely. "He immediately mentioned he has it safely with him & will had it to me on his way back home," he wrote.

But if you think that's the end of the story, there's more, and it will melt your heart! "But the biggest surprise was what I got to know when he arrived to hand over my wallet. He gave it to me & wished me happy birthday. I thanked him & the  he told me it's his birthday as well!" wrote the Twitter user, marvelling at the coincidence.

His thread has gone massively viral, collecting thousands of 'likes' and comments from people praising Mr Pathan's honesty.