India / Nitish kumar expiry date medicine asaduddin owaisi attacks arvind kejriwal also

Zoom News : Nov 15, 2022, 06:30 PM
New Delhi : Asaduddin Owaisi has made important remarks on the leaders involved in the race for the post of PM in 2024. He said that Rahul Gandhi is not PM material. Apart from this, Nitish Kumar is now over. He said that the expiry date of his medicine is over. Describing Arvind Kejriwal as a small recharge, he said that he himself is on the path of Hindutva. Owaisi said that when Kejriwal goes to Seelampur, he says that BJP has to be defeated, but in other areas he says that we have opened Mohalla clinics. Owaisi said about the Gujarat elections that Arvind Kejriwal did not say anything on Bilkis Bano. The MP from Hyderabad said that the Congress itself has not been able to do anything for 27 years.

If Congress has Rahul, what is the need of an enemy?

He said, 'I have come here now, but why does Congress prepare just before the exam'. In the program of 'Aaj Tak', Owaisi said, 'If there will be more people like Rahul Gandhi in Congress, then it will not need enemies.' Owaisi said that BJP has no power. BJP will have nothing if you remove Modi. He said that the country does not belong to Modi, if 130 crore people want it, then they will have to move away. He said the same thing is said for the BJP in Gujarat, the same is said in Bengal for the CPM. If someone considers himself to be a god, then the people here give him dust.

I did not fight in Azamgarh, why Akhilesh Yadav lost

On the question of being vote-cut, Owaisi said that I did not contest the election in Azamgarh, then why did the SP lose. After all, why did the SP lose in Rampur? He said that if these people lose then they tell me responsible, but why should we not contest the elections. Owaisi said that I do not want to become PM and CM. That's why I speak frankly. Owaisi said that these secular parties fight elections by showing fear of BJP, but we show hope. He said that you go and see what is the condition of Muslim areas in Gujarat. Children are not getting schools and there is a shortage of even drinking water.

Owaisi also raised questions on EWS reservation, confused on the limit

Owaisi said that the big Chaudhary people of Muslims, they remember their life even before the elections. He disappears a few days after the election. Owaisi said that we are fighting on 12 seats in Gujarat and will try to win on all. During this, he has also opposed the EWS reservation and said that it should be reviewed. He said that a limit of 8 lakhs has been fixed in this, which is wrong. For Dalits, there is a limit of 2.5 lakhs for scholarship and for upper castes this limit is wrong.