Gadget / OnePlus wants users to design Oxygen OS features, will give free phones to some

India Today : Feb 05, 2019, 04:00 PM
OnePlus smartphones have always stood out from the rest. The smartphones offer flagship performance and premium design for a relatively affordable price. However, the most differentiating feature in current models is Oxygen OS, which is OnePlus’ custom Android interface. Critics, journalists and consumers have often termed Oxygen OS as one of the best custom Android interfaces. 

OnePlus has started the new #PMchallenge, or in other words, the OnePlus Product Manager Challenge. Under the contest, OnePlus has opened up the opportunity for its community members to pitch an idea for a new feature for OxygenOS. Participants will have to use professional feature pitches that OnePlus’ Product Managers use in order to add new features to a particular version of Oxygen OS. The winning entry will see the idea conceptualised into a real feature in the next version of Oxygen OS.

Those interested in participating in the contest need to keep in mind a few points before pitching in their ideas.They will also need to include directions and details via diagram sketches, draw each screen and show the flow from screen to screen.

OnePlus says that the jury will decide the winning entry on the basis of three major viewpoints in OnePlus’ product development team. OnePlus will see whether the feature adheres to the burdenless experience that OnePlus is known for. The team will also see how the existing UI and features will interact with the new feature in a detailed explanation.

The software team will pick up the best entry after these considerations and will announce the winner by March 2019. OnePlus says the winning entry will win a VIP invitation to the next OnePlus event and witness the launch of the feature commercially. Additionally, OnePlus will also gift a free device to the winner.