Viral Video / Only women have the talent to do this trick men fail in their attempt

Zoom News : Jun 05, 2022, 01:05 PM
Viral Video: The predominance of men is seen in most parts of the world. Due to which men always underestimate women in comparison to themselves. They think that women can not do what men can do. But this is his biggest misconception that women are behind him. They do not understand that creation begins with a woman and she can do everything. Something like this is visible in this video going viral on social media. By watching this video, men (Weird tricks that men cannot do) will come to know that their claim about women is absolutely wrong.

men can't

A user named @TansuYegen has shared a video on the social media site Twitter. Seeing which people are surprised and this video is very much discussed. Actually, in this video going viral, women are seen doing a special kind of trick which men cannot do. It is very easy to see but the surprising thing is that not a single man is able to do this trick.

Watch the video here:

what is this trick

In this video going viral, first a woman is seen doing this trick and then asks others to repeat it. In this trick, the woman first stands facing the wall. Then she takes two steps back and then leans forward and sticks her head against the wall. After this, she slides the chair placed there in the empty space between the wall and herself and brings it close to her chest by holding the chair with both hands. Then it stands up straight in the same way.

Men could not guess how to do this trick

This trick looks very easy to see. But it proved impossible for men to do it. Where on one side the women were standing straight by lifting the chair by doing this trick. At the same time, the men doing this trick were lifting the chair, but they were not able to stand straight.