World / Pakistan cruelty continues against Hindu girls shocking case came to fore

Zoom News : Oct 11, 2022, 10:47 PM
Pakistan Cruelty: In the name of religion in Pakistan, people of Hindu community are facing persecution even today. Going through old records, the treatment of Hindus in Pakistan has never been good. A shocking incident has come to light from this Sindh province of Pakistan. The accused have kidnapped a Hindu girl. Kidnapping is common but it becomes serious when Hindu girls are targeted continuously. In this case, the police has not been able to get any information about the missing girl so far.

atrocities on hindus in pakistan

Sindh province of Pakistan is infamous for crimes against Hindu girls. Here Hindu girls are often abducted and pressured to convert to religion. In many cases, girls have also been murdered and in such cases the administration and the government of Pakistan are left with only assurances.

4 Hindu girls kidnapped in 15 days

It is worth noting that in Sindh, Pakistan, four Hindu girls have been kidnapped so far in 15 days. According to media reports, the girl was kidnapped in Hyderabad city of Sindh province. Chandra Mehraj was abducted from Fateh Chowk area of ​​Hyderabad when she was on her way back home. The victim's family members of the kidnapped girl have filed a case in the concerned police station.

forced conversion

In the last 15 days, three Hindu women were kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam in Sindh province. Last month, a minor girl named Meena Meghwar was abducted and forcibly converted, while another girl was abducted in the same week.