World / Pakistan PM Imran Khan Thanked '58 Countries in the UNHRC.' It Has 47 Members

News18 : Sep 13, 2019, 05:29 PM
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan can't seem to stop making embarrassing gaffes on Twitter.

At the UN Human Rights Council session held in Geneva on Thrusday, India, replying to Pakistan’s charges said Jammu and Kashmir is and will be an integral part of India and slammed Pakistan for interfering in the matter. They also added that Pakistan’s statements on Tuesday were “an ill-disguised effort to advance its territorial ambitions".

After the session, Khan tweeted, “I commend the 58 countries that joined Pakistan in Human Rights Council on 10 Sept reinforcing demands of int community for India to stop use of force, lift siege, remove other restrictions, respect & protect Kashmiris' rights & resolve Kashmir dispute through UNSC resolutions.”

He also welcoemd "the EU’s call in the Human Rights Council for a peaceful solution of the Kashmir dispute in line with UNSC resolutions, int law and bilateral agreements."

However, according to the UNHRC's official website, the council is made up of 47 Member States.

The division of these states are as follows: African States: 13 seats, Asia-Pacific States: 13 seats, Latin American and Caribbean States: 8 seats, Western European and other States: 7 seats,

Eastern European States: 6 seats.