India / ‘Pepper spray, whistle’: Women list out self-defence weapons they carry while running

The Indian Express : May 31, 2019, 01:48 PM
More often than not social media threads tend to give people a peek into the lives of others and bring out a topic or an issue, which may seem trivial to many. For instance, going for a run. While going for a casual run in a park may not bother most men, it isn’t the same with women, which is exactly what a post by a writer Amanda Deibert highlighted.

Talking about a group her mother is a part of, she informed her followers about a thread listing various types of self-defence protections women carry with them while going out for a run. Which is what prompted her to ask them for suggestions and recommendations of the things they carry.

“One of my mom groups has a thread that is just women listing and recommending which kind of protection they take when them when they go out running (Ie. pepper spray, alarm necklaces, whistles, etc) in case you wondered what being a woman is like. Also, women: what do you use when you go out running?” she tweeted.