PM Modi / PM Narendra Modi said in Japan - I draw a line on stone, not on butter, said - my values are like this

Zoom News : May 23, 2022, 06:37 PM
PM Modi Japan Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the diaspora in Japan's capital Tokyo on Monday. During this, while talking about the relations between the two countries, he said that Japan is playing an important role in India's development journey. PM told the diaspora present there that whenever I come to Japan, I see that your shower of love keeps increasing every time.

1. The world should follow the thoughts of Lord Buddha

The PM said in his address that today's world is in great need of following the thoughts of Lord Buddha and the path shown by him. He said that this is the only way which can overcome every challenge in the world today. Be it violence, anarchy, terrorism or climate change. This is the only way to save humanity from all these challenges.

2. Japan's deep influence on Swami Vivekananda's mind

PM Narendra Modi praised the people of Japan for their patriotism, self-confidence and their awareness towards cleanliness. He said that when Swami Vivekananda was going to Chicago for his historic address, he had also come to Japan before that. Japan had left a deep impression on his mind.

3. India and Japan are natural partners

PM Modi said that India and Japan are natural partners. Japan has played an important role in India's development journey. Our relationship with Japan is of intimacy, of spirituality, of cooperation, of belonging. Our relationship with Japan is one of strength, of respect, of common resolve for the world. Our relationship with Japan is that of Buddha, of Buddha, of knowledge, of meditation.

4. Rudraksha made in Kashi with the help of Japan

Rudraksha is made with the help of Japan in Kashi, India. In the address, the PM said that the International Cooperation and Convention Center 'Rudraksh' will present a glimpse of the cultural richness of ancient Kashi. 108 Rudraksha have been installed in this center and its roof is made in the shape of Shivling.

5. India sent vaccine to more than 100 countries

The PM further says, "When vaccines became available, India also applied 'Made in India' vaccines to crores of its citizens and also sent it to more than 100 countries of the world. Corona caused the biggest crisis of 100 years before the world. When it started, no one knew what would happen next. No one even knew whether its vaccine would come or not. But India also sent medicines to the countries of the world at that time. WHO hoped India Sisters have been honored with the Director Generals- Global Health Leaders Award. Millions of Asha sisters of India, from maternal care to vaccination, from nutrition to cleanliness, are giving impetus to the country's health campaign.

6. 'India is working on the climate crisis'

During the address, PM Modi said that India is helping to meet the global challenges in the matter of environment. He said that the climate crisis has become an important crisis for the world. In India, we have seen this challenge and we have also progressed in the direction of finding a way to find a permanent solution to it. The PM said that we have made a commitment to net zero by the year 2070. We are also leading a global organization such as the International Solar Alliance.

7. Indian impressed Japan with his skills

The PM said that you have mesmerized this great land of Japan with your skills, your entrepreneurship with your talent. You have to constantly introduce Japan to the colors of Indianness and the possibilities of India. I am sure that India-Japan friendship will get new heights due to your meaningful efforts.

8. It's not fun to draw on butter, I draw on stone

PM Modi said, "Influenced by Japan, Swami Vivekananda had said that every Indian youth must visit Japan at least once in his life. Taking forward this goodwill of Swamiji, I would like to visit Japan. Every youth of India should visit India at least once in his life. PM further said that this nectar period of independence is going to write a lofty history of India's prosperity, India's prosperity. The values ​​I have received, which are- It has also become a habit for me because of the people who have sculpted me. I don't enjoy drawing on butter, I draw on stones."

9. Japan a key partner in capacity building

The PM said that Japan is an important partner in the construction of this capacity of ours. Be it Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed ​​Rail, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, dedicated freight corridor, these are great examples of Indo-Japan cooperation. We have built a strong and resilient, responsible democracy in India. In the last 8 years, we have made it a medium of positive change in the lives of people. Today India is also moving very fast for Green Future, Green Jobs Roadmap. Electric mobility is being promoted a lot in India. A special mission has been launched to make green hydrogen an alternative to hydrocarbons.

10. The government of the general public is working in India

The PM said that the government of the common people is working in India in the true sense today. This model of governance is making the delivery efficient. This is the biggest reason for the ever-strengthening faith in democracy. Emphasizing on technology, PM said that it is a matter of pride for all of you that today India's participation in digital transactions of the whole world is 40%. Today's India is as proud of its past as it is Nor is it optimistic about tech led, science led, innovation led, talent led future.