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Zoom News : Jun 16, 2021, 02:25 PM
Special | Indian weddings are celebrated even abroad. Be it Punjabi wedding, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Rajasthani or South Indian, every wedding here is different. A Punjabi wedding video has gone viral on the social media site Instagram, seeing which you will also get involved in the preparations for your cousin's wedding.

Devar's action surprised

Wedding videos are very much liked on social media. In these videos, along with the bride and groom, the style of relatives and different types of rituals are worth watching. These days a Punjabi wedding video is going viral on the page named 'Trending Dulhania' on Instagram. In this video, the bride and groom are seen taking rounds in the mandap, when the groom's younger brother lies down on the bride's feet. Everyone gets shocked seeing this act of brother-in-law.

More than 20 million people watched the video

Relatives are standing near the wedding pavilion. As the bride proceeds for the round, the groom's brother came and lay down in front of the bride and started asking for money in gestures. Seeing this, the bride laughed. Seeing this act of the groom's brother, the rest also laughed (Funny Video). This video was shared on 23 May. So far more than 20 lakh people have watched this video.

You should also get involved in the preparation of marriage.

If there is going to be a wedding in your house, then you should also get involved in such preparations. Weddings are considered the best excuse to collect money. Till now, the bride's sisters must have seen a lot of earning in the ritual of stealing shoes, but this ritual earning the groom's brother at the time of rounds is no less.