Madhya Pradesh / Rs 2.5 lakh a kg of mangoes, 3 guards, 9 dogs were installed by the owner for security

Zoom News : Jun 18, 2021, 10:45 AM
There are 3 guards and 9 dogs to protect a common garden in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. It is being told that a common price in this garden is in millions of rupees. This special type is found in Japan. This mango is being reported in this garden of Jabalpur, 2 lakh 70 thousand rupees in the international market.

Jabalpur is born in the air in the air, but it is sold in millions of rupees, and therefore special arrangements have been made to protect. Dogs and guards are posted in 24 hours garden for guarding these mangoes.

The owner of the garden said that the name of this Japanese mango is Tyo No Tamango, it is also called the Egg of Sun i.e. Sun. The resolution show that the last it came in great discussion. Because of the common theft of their garden was stolen. Therefore, they are worried about the safety of these precious mangoes and are spending extra money on security.

When this is common, it is light red and yellow and its weight reaches about 900 grams. It is not found in fibers and it is very sweet to eat. This species of mango is grown in the protected environment in Japan, but resolution Singh Parihar has grown it in an open environment on his barren land.

In Japan, about 36 hundred dollars was bid in Japan in 2017, which is about two and a half lakh rupees in India. The owner of the garden says that at the beginning, this mango was started with some plants in 4 acres of garden and today there are easily Indian 14 hybrid and six foreigners common in their garden.

This mango cultivation and somewhere in India. Japanese mango is known as Tamago. There is a lot of demand in the international market. It is known as 'Taiyo No Tamago' in Japanese language.

Resolution Parihar has planted 14 different types of common in its 4-acre garden and besides 52 trees of Tamago mango. Resolutions, who cultivate this mango, said that in Japan this mango is grown in a safe environment inside the poli house

Resolution was used as a use, and this mango was good at the atmosphere of Jabalpur and started here. He said that the price of the last one was 2.70 lakh rupees.