India / Sachin pilot in delhi amid speculation over rift in rajasthan congress

Zoom News : Jun 11, 2021, 08:53 PM
New Delhi: Congress leader Sachin Pilot reached Delhi on Friday amid reports of displeasure. He will be here till Sunday. On reaching the capital, when reporters asked about his plan, he refused to say anything. But according to sources, party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has called him to Delhi. It is being told that the party has become active to avoid the last year's situation and grit.

In July last year also, Sachin Pilot had taken a rebellious stand against the Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan. He had reached Delhi with his supporting MLAs and was persuaded by Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi and former party president Rahul Gandhi at the last moment amid reports of joining the BJP. However, once again his camp has started saying that the promises made to the pilot are yet to be fulfilled. Many of his supporters have openly expressed their displeasure.

About half a dozen MLAs close to Pilot also met him on Thursday at his residence in Civil Lines, Jaipur. Meanwhile, another MLA PR Meena, who is considered to be from the Pilot camp, said on Friday that the party high command should address the issues raised by Pilot. "I was with Pilot, I am with Pilot and will remain with him," Meena told reporters in Dausa. According to Meena, "The party high command should take a decision soon as everyone is waiting."

Meanwhile, MLA Hemaram Choudhary, another close aide of Pilot, met Pilot here on Friday. Chaudhary, an MLA from Gudha Malani, had sent his resignation from the membership of the Assembly to the Speaker last month. After meeting Pilot, Choudhary told reporters that he resigned listening to his heart. "People can appeal to me to withdraw my resignation. But I have to decide on that.” Choudhary had emailed his resignation on May 18 and was in Jaipur for the first time since then.

Speculations of joining BJP dismissed

Former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot on Friday took a jibe at BJP leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi and said that the BJP leader may have spoken to Sachin Tendulkar. Pilot said that Bahuguna does not have the courage to talk to him. BJP leader Bahuguna had said in the past that he had reportedly spoken to an angry Congress leader about joining the BJP. When Sachin Pilot was asked about this here, he said in a stern tone, 'What Rita Bahuguna Joshi said that she has spoken to Sachin, then she may have spoken to Sachin Tendulkar. I don't have the courage to talk to him.'