Big statement by the BJP's Samrat Chaudhary / Samrat Chaudhary said, there is a difference between a stand-alone and a coalition government

Zoom News : Aug 02, 2021, 05:41 PM
The Bihar government minister and senior BJP leader, Samrat Chaudhary has given a big statement regarding the NDA coalition government in Bihar. In a program organized in Aurangabad, the minister said that running a coalition government is a very challenging task. Samrat Chaudhary said that we are running a coalition government in Bihar and our government is not independent here, so we are facing various challenges.

Samrat Chaudhary said that, like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, where we have our own government, we are free to take any kind of decision. In other states, including UP, where we have a single leadership, it becomes very easy for us to lead the government, but working and running the government in Bihar is very challenging. Samrat Choudhary said that not one or two, but four ideological parties are working together in Bihar, which is quite challenging. In such a situation, many things have to be endured. The minister said that even after Nitish Kumar won fewer seats, we considered him as the CM because the party needed to be fully grouped.

Statement by Nitish government minister Samrat Chaudhary

Samrat Chaudhary also talked about the number of MLAs of JDU and BJP in the Bihar Assembly. Along with this, in the past, he pointed out the facts of the BJP's support for Nitish Kumar. He said, "This is not the first time that the BJP has formed a government by accepting Nitish Kumar as the chief minister. Today, JDU has 43 MLAs, whereas we have 74. But before that, in 2000, there were assembly elections also, when JDU won only 37 seats and BJP won 68-69 seats. Even at that time, the BJP had reposed faith in Nitish Kumar's leadership."