Entertainment / Tahira says son asked her why she was bald, asked her not to meet his Friends

Hindustan Times : May 22, 2019, 12:12 PM
Writer Tahira Kashyap, wife of actor Ayushmann Khurrana, has been an inspiration to many battling cancer like her. Speaking on Pinkvilla’s new show No Labels Attached, she spoke about how she battled her insecurities like going bald and accepted notions of beauty in her struggle against the disease.

She was quoted by Pinkvilla as saying: “On an emotional note, you never know how you are going to react until the situation comes. So, when I started going for my chemo, I knew I will lose my hair and I had kept one wig ready, lots of scarves ready, of different colors. I had kept everything ready because I wasn’t ready to go bald.”

I had never imagined my bald, not even short hair. I came from the school of thought where beauty meant long hair but that was previous me. But there was one day when the extensions couldn’t hold on to the humble strands of hair I had on my head. So one day I had to decide to shave it off. When my son saw, he was like, ‘I have seen men go bald, why did it have to happen to my mother? He told me not to meet his friends but I did exactly that, I met them and after spending 15-20 minutes, they knew all is normal. That day I redefined beauty for them.”

Tahira is an inspiration to not just cancer patients but everyone else too, given the candour with which she has spoken about her insecurities about being a star wife. Speaking to Spotboye in an interview, she had revealed how onscreen kiss between Ayushmann and his co-stars was a huge issue for her initially. “I had a problem with him kissing onscreen. I felt like a big, huge fat whale sitting at home. When you are pregnant, your hormones also go up and down. Here this boy is looking at his youngest youth best and he is romancing women and what is this onscreen kiss! We both were very young. He didn’t have the time and patience to take me along and I didn’t have the patience to understand. There was this disconnect that we were not there for each other to each other along in that journey. Somewhere he knew that she doesn’t meant mad. I also knew he wasn’t cheating. I had to evolve as a person to understand what art is.”

Ayushmann also spoke about how they fought her cancer as a team and revealed in an interview to Rajeev Masand about how they got to know of her disease on his birthday. He added that instead of getting bogged down by it, they decided to face it together. In fact, they watched a film (Manmarziyaan) that day.