Viral News / Taliban beheaded a young man who worked for the US Army, panic spread

Zoom News : Jul 23, 2021, 05:48 PM
To take his sister on the occasion of Sohail Pardodis Eid, the capital of Afghanistan was going to the nearby province from his house in Kabul. Sohail's Pardodis Eid was going to take the sister to celebrate the whole family. But during the five-hour long journey on May 12, 2021, when the passengers were passing through a part of the desert, the Taliban terrorists stopped their car on the post.

A few days ago, the passdess had told his friend that he worked as a translator for the US Army 16 months, and for this reason he is getting threatening to kill him from the Taliban. Friends and colleagues Abdul Haq Aybi told CNN, "Taliban used to say that you are a spy of Americans, you are the eyes of Americans, you will kill you and your family."

As soon as the passage was stopped on the Check Point, he increased his car. But after that he did not see alive. The people of the event told the Red Crescent that the Taliban fighters shot their car before rotating and stayed. Then he pulled out the car out of the car and made his head pen.

32-year-old passengers were one of the thousands of Afghan interpreters who worked for the US Army and are now facing the danger of the Taliban. After the announcement of the return of American soldiers, translators have come. In the statement released in June, the Taliban had said that he would not harm them, who worked for foreign soldiers. Taliban spokesman told CNN about the murder of the passenger that he is trying to verify the incident but he said that some incidents are not like that they are shown.

Translators talking to CNN said that their life is now in danger. The Taliban has started attacks for revenge after the return of American soldiers from Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, when the war was at its peak, about 100,000 American soldiers were deployed. Ayubi said, "We can not breathe here. Taliban is not going to do any mercy on us." About 18,000 Afgans working for the US Army has applyed for a special non-resident visa so that they can get shelter in the US.

The White House said on July 14 that he is starting "Operation Allies Refugee". It is an attempt to shift those thousands of Afghan interpreters and translators who worked for America and whose life is now at risk. White House's Press Secretary Jane Saki said in a briefing that those who apply for special Non-resident Visa (SIV) will be started to remove in the last week of July.

The Biden administration has already said that until he completes the long-term visa process, he is talking to many countries for safe hideouts about his help. It is clear that the US government is well aware of the threat of the Taliban. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Wednesday that the Department of Defense is considering the options where Afghan citizens and their families can be kept potentially safe.

The passdess has left a daughter of 9 years behind her, whose future is now trapped in uncertainty. His care is similar to Najibullah, who said that he had to leave his house in Kabul for his security, due to the fear that the next target will be made now. Sitting near his brother's graveyard said that he is not safe. He said, "I am very worried about the security of my family. There is no more work in this country and the security situation is very bad."

After working 16 months to America, the Podde was terminated when the polygraph or brought detector test was failed. Friend Ayube explains that the passdess was looking for a way to get out of Afghanistan. But due to termination, he did not get a visa. Translators said that usually to reach the polygraph test for security approval to reach American bases in Afghanistan. The results of this polygraph test are used during the screening when applying for visa. The passage was never told how he failed in polygraphs?

Abdul Rashid Shirjad was also terminated from the translator's work due to such a case. Shirjad says that he does not know what he did wrong and he never got any explanation for his dismissal. He says, "If there was peace in Afghanistan, if I had not served the US Army, if the Taliban is not behind me, then I never leave my country."

Shirzad can not go back to his home province and every month he has to change the place with his family. His wife embraced his wife said that we are very scared. The future of my husband and children is in danger. My husband was working with his (US Army) and he risked his life and now I want America to save my husband from the danger of the Taliban.

The American Embassy spokesman in Kabul said that they are making every possible effort to ensure that we can help those who helped us. We are committed to supporting those who have helped during the Duty of US Army and other government personnel.