Tamil Nadu / Tamil Nadu: River Vaigai, several water canals dry due to intense heatwave in state

India TV : Jun 03, 2019, 10:17 AM

As several parts of the country reel under the scorching heat, River Vaigai in Tamil Nadu has dried due to intense heatwave in the state. Water canals inside the river, used for drinking water have also emptied.

The Vaigai river which flows along the cities of Madhurai, Theni and Andipetti, had dried as the region lacked monsoon rains in the last four years.According to sources, several districts in the state are facing acute water shortage. 

Reports suggested Chennai was facing a severe water crisis as there has been a 40 per cent cut in the piped water supply.

Reservoirs across the state have witnessed a decrease in water levels to a great extent.