Special / This person drinks 10 liters of Pepsi every day for 20 years, so far he has flown so many crores

Zoom News : Jun 20, 2022, 10:05 PM
Addiction: Addiction is a very bad thing as it is said, whatever it may be. But what if addiction becomes madness? One man claimed to have been drinking about 30 cans per day for 20 years. Accordingly, this employee working in a supermarket in UK has spent about $ 8,500 i.e. 6 lakh 23 thousand every year on this dink. He said that he has finally quit the habit with the help of hypnotherapy.

Have drunk 8000 kg of sugar

According to the news of our affiliate website WION, this man named Andy Curry is now 41 years old. He told that he used to drink one liter in the morning and about nine liters more Pepsi in the day. At the age of 20, he got caught in this addiction. Since then, he has taken about 219,000 cans of drinks. Hence, he has also taken sugar supplements of around 8,000 kg through Pepsi.

More than crores spent in 20 years

Not only this, he told that he used to spend about $ 25 a day on Pepsi. According to which he has spent 6 lakh 23 thousand rupees every year and in 20 years a total of more than 1 crore 32 lakh 50 thousand rupees. In fact, when put together, this amount is enough that Andy Curry could have become the owner of a good property.

bad body condition

After Andy's body weight reached 266 pounds (120 kg), he realized it was time to give up the habit. Doctors also warned him as he was at risk of developing diabetes. After which he quit this addiction and now, he has managed to lose 28 pounds (12 kg) with exercise and diet.

Help from hypnotism

He also took the help of David Kilmuri, a therapist and hypnotist in London. Kilmuri said that Curry had Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). In one session, he liked it very much and started drinking water instead of Pepsi. "I haven't touched them (Pepsi cans) in a month, and I don't plan to," Curry claimed. I like water now. My wife Sara says my skin looks better and I have a lot more energy.