News / This Zomato delivery guy is called ‘Roll Kaku’ and he feeds hungry children with cancelled orders

TimesNow News : May 22, 2019, 11:35 AM
Earlier this year, food aggregator Zomato made headlines for all the wrong reasons. A video had gone viral on social media that showed their delivery executive eating the customer’s food instead of delivering it. This was followed by a Facebook post that explained the plight of a delivery guy who had a postgraduate degree in Commerce.

However, this week, Zomato had been in the news for a rather positive video that was shared online by a Twitter user.  A differently-abled Zomato employee, identified as Ramu, was filmed delivering food in a hand pulled tricycle. The video first shared Honey Goyal, shows a man in a red Zomato t-shirt riding a hand-powered rickshaw to reach the customer’s house.

Now, another heartwarming story of a Zomato delivery executive has emerged from Kolkata.

Pathikrit Saha is lovingly called “Roll Kaku” by underprivileged kids in his locality because he distributes egg, chicken rolls, biryani and other food items that Zomato customers cancel on the food app.

These orders are only given to the children if the customers cancel them. Uncancelled orders are never distributed.

Pathikrit is also known for arranging feasts and studying sessions for poor children in his locality.

“Four years ago, I was crossing the streets near Dumdum Cantonment in Kolkata, when a dishevelled teenager came running and fell at my feet. He started begging desperately for money. I understood he was heavily drug addicted and wanted money to waste on cheap, harmful drugs. I tried to dissuade him, but his desperation was so wild and pathetic that I slapped him and he broke down. That’s where my story begins,” Pathikrit told a publication.

Apart from conducting study sessions, Pathikrit has set up juice and bottle stalls for the children so they can have a steady source of income.

He told the publication he decided to dedicate time to poor children only after he quit his job at Kolkata Municipal Corporation. However, he took up a job in Zomato so his family would not face any financial problems.

A few months into his delivery job, he befriended a restaurant owner from Dumdum, who decided to help Pathikrit

Now, all cancelled orders and excess food from his restaurant are given to underprivileged children in the evening as snacks.