Bihar / To convince the girlfriends house members, the person climbed on the water tank, said- get married

Zoom News : Apr 10, 2021, 09:40 AM
Supaul: A film drama was seen in Nirmali in Supaul district of Bihar last night. Late in the evening, suddenly a young man climbed on a water tank and made a ruckus. Here, a crowd of people gathered to see the young man. After a long uproar, people came to understand that the matter is of a love affair and the young man has climbed the tank to convince the girlfriend's family for marriage.

Tired lover adopted this path

According to the information received, Prashant Kumar, a youth of Vikramasar of Lokhi police station area in Madhubani district, was having a love affair with a young woman resident of Nirmali. The lovers couple agree to marry, but the girl's father is not ready for marriage. In such a situation, Prashant took a filmy way to convince him.

Explain that on Friday night, he climbed a water tank near the hospital of Nirmali subdivision in Supaul district adjacent to Laukhi and threatened to die. Here, the administration and police got stirred up after receiving the information about the incident.

Police kept on urging to come down

Prashant had written down a suicide note before climbing up. This letter revealed his climb to the tank in love affair. The police reached the spot after getting information and kept urging him to come down again and again, but Prashant was adamant that he would not come down from the tank until the girl was called here and got married.

Lover said this

Seeing the youth's stubbornness, the police assured him that he should step down, both of them are adults, in which case they would walk together and talk to the girl's family and get them married. Despite this, Prashant insisted on calling the girl. He says that he had climbed the tank on the day of Holi and was given a similar assurance. But later the marriage was not done and she was banished after doing nothing. In such a situation, he should be married this time, otherwise he will give his life. Till the time of writing the news, the lover was on the tank and the police were trying to convince him.