Special / Tower Crumbles To The Ground In Dramatic Demolition See Viral Video

Zoom News : Jun 24, 2021, 10:41 PM
Special | A shocking sight has been seen in Pennsylvania, USA. In this video a tower is shown collapsing. Footage filmed by Dalton deBlaso shows the tower falling to the ground within seconds.

You may have noticed tower-like structures on the farm, no matter where in the world you are from. They are called silos and are used to store agricultural materials in bulk. They can be used to store grain, coal, food products, as well as sawdust. A typical silo can have a life of up to 50 years, after which it is safe to demolish and build a new one. ViralHog shared a video on YouTube in which a silo is being broken down in a controlled manner.

The farm structure in Fombell, Pennsylvania, USA, was demolished after it was found to be in poor condition. The owners of the silo felt that if they didn't do anything the structure would automatically collapse due to its position. Dalton deBlaso said, "The silo on the farm was in bad shape and was about to collapse. So we decided to knock it down before it collapses."

The video begins with the sound of a hammer hitting the structure. Within no time the silo starts falling down diagonally. He shakes a little before falling. As the structure fell to the ground, a plume of dust came out of it.

Erin, a viewer, wrote that she didn't expect the silo to collapse like this. Another viewer replied: "Yes, actually 'fall'. It's my fault not to take it literally but literally."